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Free command line utilities

BindCPU If you run applications on a multiprocessor machine you can use this utility to bind a particular application to a particular CPU. By binding different applications to different CPUs you can greatly optimize your application performance.
BindDesktop Using this utility you can run different applications on different virtual desktops. For example if you run 24x7 Scheduler in Windows NT service mode ( Windows NT/2000/XP/2003 runs all services on the invisible services desktop) you can use BindDesktop to run a process on a visible user Desktop allowing users to see and interact with the process. By default all child processes always run on the desktop where the parent process is started. BindDesktop provides a solution to this issue.
FileCopy DOS copy command, Windows Explorer file copy operations, JAL's FileCopy statement, VBScript's CopyFile method, Windows API FileCopy functions; all of them have the same common deficiency - they lock files during file copy operations. As a result, you can experience various file sharing problems if you schedule multiple jobs that use the same file. The FileCopy utility allows non-locking file copying as well as partial and incremental file copying.
LineCopy This utility provides for Windows what head and tail utilities provide for Unix systems. LineCopy performs line-based copying of text files allowing one to copy and extract portions of a text file or cut a text file into pieces. Files are copied in shared read-write mode so that they can be accessible for read and update by other programs during LineCopy processing.
FileDir This multi-file processor utility extends functionality of the DOS dir command. Two main extensions:
1. File date and age filters (for example, you can find files that are older than N number of days)
2. Automatic processing of each found file by a program of your choice (for example, to delete all log files from a particular directory that are more that 30 days old, you can run FileDir /C cmd /P "/c del " /A 30 /N *.log).
FileTouch Windows keeps track of the date and time every file was created, and of the date and time it was last modified or accessed, but it does not provide ways for changing file dates and times manually without modifying the actual files. FileTouch is a command line utility that allows you to change them. It is similar in functionality to the well-known UNIX touch command.
RunOne RunOne provides methods for limiting an application to a single instance. Just use RunOne my_application.exe my parameters to run your application and it will ensure that only once instance of the application is run at a time. If another instance is already running RunOne simply aborts without starting a new instance. If you want to kill the previous instance you may want to use the KillProcess utility. In addition, RunOne can be used to run applications in hidden or minimized windows.
KillProcess KillProcess can be used to quickly close or terminate single or multiple running processes.
RunAs RunAs is a command line utility that can be used to run a program under different user account. It is similar to the Windows 2000/XP/2003 native RunAs utility, but it has some distinct features making it more usable then the native version. For example, it accepts password as a command line parameter so that it can be used in batch files; it can also bind started process to the interactive user Desktop so it can be used to start interactive processes from various services such as 24x7 Scheduler, 24x7 Event Server and other.
Logon Use Logon utility to schedule Desktop unlocks on Windows NT/2000/XP/2003 systems. This utility should be run when the system is locked and before running other processes requiring simulated user input (using SendKeys or 24x7 MacroRecorder scripts).
FileBinReplace FileBinReplace allows multi-file search and replace operations in binary files. FileBinReplace is very fast and can process multiple files described by a file mask. Just as other utilities, it can be run both from the DOS command line and from batch files.
RReboot Restart computers remotely. This utility can be used on Windows NT/2000/XP/2003 systems only.
SetPriority Change process priority of a running process. This utility can be used on Windows NT/2000/XP/2003 systems only.
LineCount Use LineCount to count lines in your source code files or use it to verify integrity of your data files.
Wait Use Wait utility to make your batch files wait.

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