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Job Scheduling as a Business Imperative

Technology has become a vital cog in keeping the business wheel spinning smoothly. Yet business imperatives are constantly changing in response to market pressures, placing enormous stress on IT support systems to respond and evolve as needed. Central to optimizing business agility is the need for reliable and timely information processing on virtually any platform while remaining in sync with mission-critical applications. Enabling such an environment requires a highly scalable and flexible job scheduling and automation solution capable of responding to real-time business needs while at the same time seamlessly integrating with business processes and adapting to the infrastructure as it changes.

24x7 Scheduler is the most sophisticated job scheduling and process Scheduler available today.

With 24x7 Scheduler - you can:

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  • Execute, "trigger", jobs to free operation staff to perform other duties.
  • Eliminate slack time in critical business processes.
  • Improve interoperability with jobs and applications across Microsoft Windows, Linux, Unix and mainframe platforms.
  • Reduce error rates in job dependencies across disparate operating systems.
  • Design and match the various job streams between core business applications.

24x7 Scheduler Components

24x7 Job Scheduler - a proven scheduling solution, designed to be customer installable to accelerate a positive "return on investment". 24x7 Job Scheduler is script language independent to allow jobs, scripts, exe's, etc. to be scheduled, monitored and run based upon time and date, events or simply on-demand. * Download

24x7 Event Server - essential tools for advanced system and application event monitoring and automating event response processing. * Download

24x7 Remote Automation Servers and Remote Agents - 24x7 Remote Agents give you the power of running jobs in heterogeneous distributed environments on multiple computers while job scheduling, management and real-time monitoring can be performed in one central location.

24x7 Web-based Management Console - universal console for managing both Windows and Unix/Linux 24x7 Schedulers (both JSP and ASP versions are available). 24x7 Web-based Management Console is shipped with the site license only.

24x7 GUI MacroRecoder - this utility is used to automate various interactive graphical and non-graphical applications requiring user input.

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