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Tools for the Oracle DBA

Now free for both commercial and personal use

DB Tools is a suite of over 20 different lightweight applications, launched from a single console, sharing common features and interface design. The modules are full-featured, and there are plenty of extra goodies designed with the working DBA in mind. Use DB Tools to monitor, tune, manage, configure, audit, compare, and benchmark your Oracle databases; to tune your SQL schema and applications; to manipulate and archive data, compare and copy databases, load and export multiple file formats, including ZIP, LOBs and Excel; and even to develop in PL/SQL or Java.

Picture an Oracle Enterprise Manager with more features, a better user interface, and TOAD-like object browsing and SQL editing capabilities and you’ll have a feel for DB Tools.

With DB Tools for Oracle – you can:

  • Benchmark and analyze the performance of your PL/SQL codeClick to view
  • Benchmark TPS
  • Analyze database load
  • Analyze instance parameters, schema objects, the library cache, performance trends, and space usage trends
  • Collect performance data on n-tier applications that connect to the database
  • Extract full-table data and DDL, save it in a ZIP archive, and re-import it to a database
  • Monitor for any and all database errors
  • View, insert and update LOB values
  • Load Excel, csv & tsv files into database tables
  • Copy schemas and objects from one instance to another

DB Tools Components:

DB Monitor Expert – a powerful solution for Oracle database monitoring and diagnostics.

DB Difference Expert - this tool allows DBAs to compare, synchronize, and archive all possible Oracle database objects and parameters.

DB Tuning Expert - this tool is a great aid for those who are responsible for the operation, maintenance, and performance of an Oracle Server.

DB Index Expert - the only tool that provides advanced analysis for Oracle database indexes.

DB Space Expert - this tool can be used to reorganize, optimize, partition and consolidate objects within Oracle databases while the database applications remain up and running and fully available to users.

DB Consumer Expert - this is a one-stop solution for managing Oracle database users, database resource quotas, and resource usage and priority plans.

DB Security Expert - this tool brings completely new dimensions into Oracle security management, transforming myriads of multi-level security settings and assignments to an easy-to-understand effective security reports.

DB Audit Expert - this tool makes auditing of user activities and data changes in Oracle databases really simple.

DB Patch Expert - this tool helps you to find and manage database patches and upgrades for your database systems, prioritize, schedule, and track patch deployment.

DB Copy Expert - this tool can be used to copy schema objects, tables, and entire schemas between databases.

DB Log Expert - this tool can help DBAs and developers in monitoring existing databases and balancing database loads.

DB Benchmark Expert - this handy tool enables you to setup a benchmark test that you can use to measure performance of your database doing on-line transaction processing work.

DB Trends Expert - this sophisticated package is used for automated database trend collection and analysis.

DB Alert Expert - this utility serves as a database-to-email bridge that enables sending email and network messages directly from your Oracle database.

DB Zip/Unzip Expert - this utility provides a quick and easy way to migrate and backup data in your Oracle databases.

Java Editor - this is a multi-functional multi-document Java development environment with a built-in file explorer.

SQL Editor and Debugger - this powerful SQL Editor allows editing files virtually of any size.

SQL Profiler - DB Tools PL/SQL Profiler provides a graphical way to profile existing PL/SQL applications and to identify performance bottlenecks.

DB Job Expert - provides all the tools you need to schedule, monitor, run and troubleshot your database side jobs.

DB Application Expert - this revolutionary tool can be used to monitor databases from perspective of the application.

File Loader - this graphical tool allows fast loading of Excel, text tab-separated and comma-separated files into existing and new database tables.

LOB Viewer and Loader - this tool can be used for working with various documents saved in database LOB (Large Object) columns.

Test Data Generator - this is a perfect tool for creating large volumes of meaningful data for performance testing.

Other information

Technical specifications:

Disk space: 36MB **
Front-end: Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
Back-end: Oracle 7.3, Oracle 8/8i, Oracle 9i, Oracle 10g, Oracle 11g, Oracle 12c on any platform
Connection via Oracle OCI/SQL*Net or Net8/Net9 or ODBC
** Full installation takes less than 1 minute (no server side changes required, server side objects are optional).

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