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DB Audit & Security 360 Key Benefits

DB Audit & Security 360 is a powerful data auditing solution that unifies the native auditing capabilities in Oracle, Sybase, SQL Server and DB2 with an intuitive central management console, a central repository of audit data, pre-defined compliance reports, an interactive-mode for ad hoc queries, reporting and forensic analysis, and database performance analysis services. Any organization subject to regulatory oversight and tasked with ensuring compliance the guidelines specified by Sarbanes-Oxley, GLBA, HIPAA, Basel-II, or simply needing to meet the requirements of internal auditors will find DB Audit & Security 360 to be an essential component of its database management infrastructure.

  • Improves system security and ensures system accountability. Captures both regular and "back-door" access to audited database systems.
  • Features centralized auditing control of multiple database systems from a single location providing ease of management.
  • Features unified auditing graphical interface that shortens the learning curve and is easy to use.
  • Provides analytical reports that reduce large amounts of audit data to comprehensive summaries thus enabling to easily identify various database security violations.
  • Provides analytical reports that help to identify which processes and users are hogging system resources.
  • Provides audit trail details that are unavailable from native database audit utilities.
  • Provides ability to generate real-time email alerts to key personnel when changes occur to sensitive data.
  • Frees DBA from the need to create and manage finely-tuned database triggers for data-change auditing purposes.
  • Supports flexibility auditing configurations, enabling security personnel to choose specific types of database operations and data changes that must be monitored and recorded in the audit trail.
  • Provides totally transparent system-level and data-change auditing of any existing applications without requiring any changes to be made in those applications.
  • Full compatibility with all host Operation Systems on which the supported databases can run, including but not limited to Windows NT, UNIX, Linux, VMS, OS/390, z/OS.